MINNEAPOLIS – The investigation of the police killing of Daunts Wright in suburban Brooklyn Center will not be in local hands. Nor will the inevitable legal aftermath. In officer-involved incidents, the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is in charge of investigating to sidestep issues of localism and police favoritism. Although Brooklyn Center is in Hennepin County, the county attorney, Mike Freeman said any decision on criminal charges will be made in Washington County, whose county seat, in Stillwater, is 30 miles from Brooklyn Center. Under an inter-county agreement adopted last year, county prosecutors take each other’s cases when there are possibilities of appearances of conflicts of interest because of the usual working relationship between prosecutors and police. Freeman himself has been criticized over the years by activists in Minneapolis for going light in police cases involving deadly use of force.

Birthday moment. Family remembers Daunte Wright as a doting father, here with his 1-year-old namesake son.