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24May 2024

An empty chair at Alma Center commencement

ALMA CENTER, Wis. – A somber and sad tribute was planned for the Lincoln High School graduation ceremony at 7 o’clock. Roman Edward Fronk, a 4.0 student and athlete, was killed three days ago when his car collided with train at rail crossing. He was 18.

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In his memory. A graduation pose.

23May 2024

Minnesota prep

Softball: Winona Winhawks 6, Kasson-Mantorville Komets 1


23May 2024

Wisconsin prep

Track and field (girls): Fennimore Golden Eagles 95, Lancaster Flying Arrows 65. Cochrane-Fountain City 29 Pirates (at 9th)

23May 2024

Preston lawyer named to Winona judgeship

WINONA, Minn. – A Preston attorney, Dwight David Luhmann, has been appointed to a state judgeship for Winona County. The appointment was announced b Governor Tim Walz. Luhmann, age 54, succeeds Mary Leahy, who is retiring this summer in the middle of her latest six-year term. Luhmann has been in private practice mostly for clients in Fillmore County. He holds a law degree from University of North Dakota. In private practice in Preston his fees have been $200 to $300 an hour. His new judgeship pays $197,000. Before hanging his own shingle, Luhmann was in the Joerg & Luhmann law firm in Preston. As a Winona County judge he will be on the bench with Nancy Buytendorp. The county has two judges, both of whom report to Joseph Buelel in Rochester, chief judge of Minnesota’s Third Judicial. District. The district covers 11 southeast Minnesota counties and 23 judges.

Luhmann. An interim gubernatorial appointee. Eventually will be on the ballot for election to the judgeship.

23May 2024

Sharing a snag way up the Whitewater

Tolerant eagles. A lone raven keeps a bit of distance from a pair of bald eagles in the upper reaches of the Whitewater River’s south fork  near Eyota. Image: Steve Lunde

22May 2024

Minnesota prep

Baseball: Rochester Lourdes Lions 4, Winona Cotter Ramblers 1

Baseball: Pine Island Panthers 8, St. Charles Saints 4


22May 2024

Wisconsin prep

Baseball: Galesville Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau Red Hawks 10, Durand-Arkansaw Panthers 2

Baseball: Cochrane-Fountain City Pirates 13, Port Edwards BlackhCawks 3

Golf (boys): Durand-Arkansaw Panthers 332, Cochrane-Fountain City Pirates 341

Golf (boys): Bloomer Blackhawks 329,  West Salem Panthers 334, Galesville Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau Red Hawks 373

22May 2024

Tornadic winds at Rollingstone rated at 105 mph

ROLLINGSTONE, Minn. – The tornado that made this Winona County community its epicenter was a mere EF-1 on the six-point Enhanced Fujita scale. A survey by the National Weather Service concluded that tornado winds were estimated at 105 mph. The tornado twisted down from storm clouds near St Charles on the Winona-Olmsted county line at 6:01 p.m. The centrifugal speed intensified over the eight miles to Rollingstone. Four miles farther it weakened while crossing the Mississippi River near Lock and Dam 5 and into Merrick State Park in Wisconsin. The path was as much as 50 yards wide.

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Rating tornadoes

Weatherologist Theodore Fujita devised the scale bearing his name in 1971 at Texas Tech University for quantified comparisons. Ratings are based on three-second bursts.

> EF-0: 65 mph to 85 mph

> EF-1: 86 mph to 110 mph

>EF-2: 111 mph to 135 mph

> EF-3: 136 mph to 165 mph

> EF-4: 166 mph to 200 mph

> EF-05: Off the charts

Worst on record:  321 mph at Bridge Creek, Oklahoma, in 1999.

22May 2024

Roads cleared of storm-caused blockages

WINONA, Minn. – Downed power lines, trees and debris blocked alleys and streets in the city and up coulees and on bluff-top croplands from one end of Winona County to the other during storms Tuesday evening. All roads were passable by dawn, police said. The city alone had 17 incidents of trees and limbs posing road hazards, police and parks crews cleared away. Trees were blown into three houses in the city but with no apparent structural damage. Through it all, no injuries were reported. In two separate incidents, sheriff’s deputies herded cows and horses off roads and back inside fencing that had been torn up. The Rushford-based MiEnergy co-op had 1,700 outages, all of them back on line by 4 a.m.

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22May 2024

Storm ruins two Rollingstone houses

ROLLINGSTONE, Minn. – Two houses were rendered uninhabitable in the Tuesday evening storm — one of them in the 100 block of Broadway Street near Holy Trinity Church, the other outside of town. No one was injured. A third house took a lightning strike, but a fire crew found no fire. On Highway 248 west of town, a light single-axle cargo trailer at the Mini-Mart convenience store was overturned at the gas pumps. A garage and a barn along Highway 248 were also damaged. Ben Klinger, the Winona County emergency management director, said his first assessment was that a “weak tornado” had passed west-to-east through town. Klinger was back in Rollingstone in the morning with inspectors from the National Weather Service for a detailed assessment. To be determined is whether the county qualifies for federal and state emergency recovery assistance.

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22May 2024

Emergency, fire crews make 54 calls

WINONA, Minn. – The Fire Department reported 40 emergency medical calls plus 14 fire calls in recent days:

> Tuesday, May 21: 9 medical calls plus 3 fire call.

> Monday, May 20: 4 medical calls plus 5 fire calls.

> Sunday, May 19: 7 medical calls plus 2 fire calls.

> Saturday, May 18: 6 medical calls plus no fire calls.

> Friday, May 17: 5 medical calls plus no fire calls.

> Thursday, May 16: 4 medical calls plus 1 fire call.

> Wednesday, May 15: 5 medical calls plus 3 fire calls.

22May 2024

Cop says he smelled the driver was drunk