WINONA, Minn. – The murder of Maddi Kingsbury in March was the 19th in Winona County in the past half century. On average there is a murder every three years. While each case is agonizing, the county’s homicide rate of 3.4% for a population of 50,000 over the years, far less than the national rate annual rate of 3.9% per 50,000. The Winona history incudes several cases with multiple deaths:

> December 2004: A Detroit-based drug dealer who had set up shop in town for fall college classes killed a Winona State University student who had threatened to expose him to police if he wouldn’t for an abortion. The student, Stacy Lee Ziegler Smith, 29. was strangled to death and her 10-year-old daugher raped and killed at Sugar Loaf Apartments on Sarnia Stret. Because the mother was pregnant, the drug-dealer was sent to prison for a triple homicide.

> May 2004: A Goodview couple, Michael John Rossin, 49, Lynette Louise Rossin, 48, were shot to death in their home. The killer then shot himself to death.

These are single-death cases, listed in reverse chronology:

> March 2023: A Winona woman, Madeline Kingsbury, mother of children 5 and 2, was killed, apparently by strangulation at her home. The father of the children was charged with homicide.

> July 2020: A rural Dakota woman, Klara Wright, 72, was stabbed to death in what her husband described as a mercy killing. She suffered dementia. He went to prison.

> September 2011: A newborn girl was found floating barely alive in the Mississippi River south of Winona, her umbilical cord still attached. The baby died before first-responders arrived.

> May 2004: A Goodview couple, Michael John Rossin, 49, Lynette Louise Rossin, 48, were shot to death in their home. The killer then shot himself to death.

> October 2000: A Winona man, Dennis Misch, 45, was stabbed in an upstairs apartment on East Fourth Street.  A fellow tenant went to prison.

> October 1997: A Winona man Michael Bruss, 42, was shot at his home on North Baker. His son went to prison.

> February 1994: A Winona man, Garland Gaustad, 79, was shot to death in his home on Mark Street in a murder-suicide. His wife of 53 the years then killed herself with the handgun.

> July 1992: A Winona woman, Susan Yach, 44, was shot in the head and fatally wounded. Her husband was charged with murder, but three days into his trial he shot himself dead.

> June 1985: A Winona woman, Ada Frances Senenfelder, 40, was stabbed to death at her home at on East Fourth Street. The case was never solved.

> September 1983: A Winona ma, Richard A. King, 52, died of a stab wound while driving himself to the hospital.  His wife of 27 days had stabbed him at her home on Sanborn Street She went to prison.

> July 1983: A Winona man, Theodore Buschkopf, 32, was shot and fatally wounded at the Westgate Motel. It was an insurance scheme by his wife and another man to collect Buschkopf’s life instance. The wife was also shot cover up the motive. Her wounds were only superficially.  Both perpetrators went to prison

> April 1982: A Winona State student, Margaret Mary Kinsky, 20, gave birth secretly her dorm room and strangled the baby with a bar and dumped the body in a trash bin in the street. She went to prison.

> September 1980: Winona County Deputy John Schneider, 54, was shot and killed responding to a dispute at Lake Village trailer park in Goodview. The killer went to prison.

> August 1977: A Winona man, Shirleen Howard, 32, was shot and killed in the basement of her home on West Fifth Street. Her husband, a hardware store owner, had contracted another man to kill his wife. While awaiting trial, the husband’s girlfriend, a former homecoming queen, helped him break out of jail. They were arrested in Louisiana and went to prison. The contact killer also went to prison.