ROCHESTER, Minn. — Suddenly without explanation, James Wilcox was gone as a KAAL television anchor. He was bounced unceremoniously after, sources say, a shouting match with Rhonda LaVelle, the station’s general manager. LaVelle immediately scrubbed any mention of Wilcox from the station’s website. Why? Reportedly Wilcox had posted something “naughty” on social media. Then he had expressed displeasure that Robin Wolfram had been added as his co-anchor even though, he claimed, according to sources, that he did “all the work.” Wilcox has said in private conversations after being bounced that some rumors weren’t quite right or blatantly false. Whatever the truth, Wilcox has his resume in the mail to anchor elsewhere. A year earier Wilcox had returned to his former job as a KAAL anchor at LaVelle’s behest. The station was short-staffed, and he joined his former co-anchor Laura Lee. In April, however, Lee left the station in a career step KBJR in Duluth, a larger market. The station, also in April , lost veteran meteorologist Chris Kuball in April to WOI in Des Moines, also a larger market.

Wilcox and Wolfram. On-air chemistry OK but off-air?

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