ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Minnesota State colleges governing board raised tuition 3.5% at its universities and 3.4% at its two-year colleges. The increase starts fall semester. At Winona State the increase is $294 a year, at Southeast State $181. Students had opposed tuition hikes through their lobbying organizations. Students said that educational opportunities were becoming “increasingly unobtainable for those who need them the most,” The Board said, however, that it needed to maintain quality in the face of rising costs and declining enrollment that has cut tuition revenue and also enrollment-driven state subsidies. Enrollment statewide has fallen 26% since 2021.The increases push tuition to an average of $8,685 at universities and $5,458 at colleges.

UM tuition

Trustees of the separate University of Minnesota system  also  have approved tuition hikes: 3.5% for undergrads at its Twin Cities and Rochester campuses and 1.75% at Crookston, Duluth and Morris.