FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.  – Midwest small cities, including Winona, dominate a new ranking of the -best American small towns to live.  In fact, Winona ranked Number 2  nationwide. First was   Cedar Falls in Iowa. The ranking was compiled by the consumer lender Pheabs. The company drew on census data and applied these criteria:

>Economic health: The percentage of residents who are unemployed, the percentage of families and people under the poverty line, and median household income.

> Quality of life: Average hours worked, average commute, and how many residents walk to work.

> Affordability: Median value of owner-occupied housing units, median monthly homeowner cost, and median rent price.


Pheabs: “Set along the Mississippi River, Winona is a picturesque city with breathtaking scenery and landscapes. With the lowest median rent in the whole study of $516, and short workweeks of 32.5 hours on average, it’s not surprising that Winona is second on the list. The city boasts a short average commute to work of less than 14 minutes and a low cost of living. Residents or visitors can also check out the historic sites, attend festivals or marvel at Winona’s stunning architecture and lovely green parks.”


Evaluated ny Florida-based Pheabs were all 1,200 U.S. cities of less than 80,000 population.

Judging Winona

Median household income: $42,018

Residents poverty: 9.2%

Average work commute: 13.4 minutes

Residents who walk to work: 9.4%

Mean hours worked: 32.7 a week

Median rent: $567.60 a month

Median Home value: $153,010

Median homeowner costs: $1,174 a month

Leading  small cities’s scores

> Cedar Falls, Iowa: 77.9

> Winona, Minnesota: 76.3

> Marion, Indiana: 75.8

>Wooster, Ohio: 75.7

> Mankato, Minnesota: 75.5

> Stevens Point, Wisconsin: 75.1

> Mar1uette, Michigan: 75.0

> Terre Haute, Indiana: 75.0

> Helena, Montana: 74.9