WINONA, Minn.  – Police escorted an angry father out of the Winona High School homecoming football game and told him not to return. Thus ended an unpleasant episode that had simmered for days at school between two students, ages 16 and 15. This is what happened at the game, as best as police could figure it out: The 15-year-old pointed to the other boy and told his father that the boy had just threatened to kill him and made a hand gesture as if he had a gun. The father charged up the bleachers, confronted the 16-year-old, pulled the sweatshirt over the boy’s head, and pushed him back off his feet. Seeing the disturbance, Principal Luke Madsen intervened and called police over. The boy who was attacked denied having made any gun-like gesture and said the other boy was trying to get even for the beef earlier at school: “They’re trying to stir something up on me.” His mother said she was not inclined to press charges against the other boy’s dad. The father had retreated by then, but Madsen and police located him and told to leave. An ambulance crew, on duty at the game, checked the 16-year-old for injuries. He complained of a pain on his head but there were no bumps or bruises. Madsen, the principal, said that the boys had been disciplined after the earlier confrontation at school and that he thought the matter was settled. There will be further discipline, Madsen said. About the homecoming game: The Winhawks won 12 -8 over Faribault.

Winona gridiron. Bleachers incident marred Winona High School homecoming.

Madsen. The boys will be summoned again to the principal’s office first thing Monday morning. Nobody will be smiling then.