EYOTA, Minn. – Country singer Luke Bryan says he likes Eyota and thinks Eyota likes him. He has scheduled an encore visit in September at the Gar-Lin farm south of town. It’ll be in same alfalfa field as last year, when he drew 26,000 fans to Eyota, population only 2,000 but in the shadow of Rochester, Winona, western Wisconsin and northern Iowa. The event will be September 23 at 6 p.m. Ticket, $65 to $80, go on sale in May. At the b Gar-Lin farm, manager Dana Allen-Tully said he expects sold out crowd again. The event again will take place on an alfalfa field, which will be harvested during the summer to be ready for concert-goers, Tully said. Bryan also has a cincert in ST. Paul on Ovtiber 14.

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New Farm Tour circuit

September 14: Shelbyille, Kentucky.

> September 15: Millersport, Ohio.

> September 21: Colfax, Iowa.

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. September 23: Eyota, Minnesota