ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Minnesota Senate voted 38-26 to provide free school meals for all children. The aid would run $420 million over two years and cover daily breakfast and lunches. The bill’s chief author, Senator Heather Gustafson, D-Vadnais Heights, called the bill an investment in children that represents less than 1% of the state’s education budget. The House earlier passed the bill 70-58 Governor Tim Walz is expected to sign the bill. How southeast Minnesota senators voted:

 For free meals

Liz Boldon, D-25 (Rochester)


Gene Dornick, R-23 (Hayfield)

Rich Draheim, R-22 (Mankato)

Steve Drazkowski, R-20 (Mazeppa)

Jeremy Miller, R-26 (Winona)

Carla Nelson, R-24 (Rochester)

How southeast Minnesota House members voted:

For free meals

Kim Hicks, D-25A (Rochester)

Tina Liebling, D-24B (Rochester)

Gene Pelowski, D-26A (Winona)

Andy Smith, D-25B (Rochester


Peggy Bennett, R-23A (Albert Lea)

Greg Davids, R-26B (Preston)

Marj Fogelman, R-21B (Fulda)

Steve Jacob, R-20B (Elba)

Patricia Mueller, R-23B (Austin)

Bjorn Olson, R-22A (Elmore)

John Petersburg, R-19B (Waseca)

Brian Pfarr, R-22B (LeSueur)

Joe Schomacker, R-21A (Luverne)