MITCHELL, S.D. – Minnesota entrepreneur Mike Lindell, known for his MyPillow television pitches, drew 1,600 people to the 3,200-capacity Corn Palace for an event to roll out his right-wing web site Frank. Lindell spoke 90 minutes, promising that Frank would be a home for free speech and to celebrate traditional values against what he called the “cancel culture.” He called the new online platform a mixture of YouTube and Twitter. Expect evidence, he said, for his claims about the 2020 election frauds. Asked the status of his campaign for Minnesota governor Lindell said he wouldn’t be running for dogcatcher.

Earlier: Lindell is denied Twitter access

Corn Palace line-up

>Joe Piscopo, once a “Saturday Night Live” headliner and now a right-wing New York radio talk-show host.

> Eric Metaxas, Christian author and also a right-wing radio host.

> Ben Carson, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate and later President Trump’s secretary of housing and urban development.