DULUTH, Minn. – The state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released details of the nearly 20-hour standoff between police and a fugitive who in the end was killed:

> Police responded a possible domestic assault about 8:30 p.m., Thursday.

> Police learned the suspect, David Conwell, 37, was wanted on warrants and entered the apartment with K-9 Luna to make an arrest

> Police found Conwell hiding in a closet. He fired a shotgun at them and fatally wounded Luna.

> Police returned fire and retreated, not knowing whether Conwell had been shot.

> Numerous attempts followed to communicate with Conwell.

> Chemical irritants were fired into the apartment.

> The Duluth Tactical Response Team entered the apartment around 3 a.m. Conwell again engaged the officers in a gun battle.

> About 4 p.m. the sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Team entered the residence and determined that Conwell was hiding in a second-floor closet.

> The tactical team removed a section of the exterior wall on the building to gain access to the closet.

> Conwell jumped through the hole in the wall onto the porch and pointed his gun at the deputies.

> Two deputies opened fire with rifles, fatally wounding Conwell.

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Officers who fired

From the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehesion:

> Officer Dean Bauers (city police). Fired his handgun. Nine years police experience.

> Sergeant Mike Erickson (city). Fired his handgun. Twenty-six years.

> Officer Logan Goss (city). Fired his shotgun. Five years.

> Officer Aaron Haller (city). Deployed K9 Luna, who was fatally shot. Six years.

> Officer Ian Johnson (city). Fired his handgun. Six years.

> Sergeant Miles Bruggman (county SWAT team). Fired his rifle. Eight years.

> Sergeant Benjamin Fye (county SWAT team). Fired his rifle. Thirteen years.

> Deputy Troy Nichols (county SWAT team). Fired less-lethal impact rounds. Five years.

> Deputy Martin Thorne (county SWAT team). Fired less-lethal rounds. Five years.