ELBA, Minn. – A Rochester youth was critically injured when two cars, both speeding, crashed near Beaver and left the road. The youth, age 17, was taken 40 miles to a Rochester hospital with life-threatening injuries. Two teens in the second car were less seriously hurt and treated at the scene. This was about 7:40 p.m., after dark, on a steep winding curve rising out of Selke Valley. Although the accident was not immediately reconstructed, deputies believe the vehicles were going the same direction,  one behind ther, about 55 mph in an area that, because of blind curves, was better navigated at 20 or 25. One vehicle, driven by the Rochester youth, struck a tree. The second vehicle, right behind with two Plainview buddies, followed off the pavement. The accident was on a paved section. Deputies said the Plainview pair denied racing but admitted they had been “tearing around” on backroads with the other driver.. The vehicles crashed near the County Road 30 and County Road 31 crossroads about five miles north of Elba. Both vehicles were light-weight –ca 2011 BMW 128 and a 2003 Saturn Ion.