MADISON, Wis. — Republicans who control the Wisconsin Senate, increasingly worried about losing elections, voted to fire the state’s chief elections officer — Meagan Wolfe. She has been the target of GOP conspiracy theories and never-proven claims that she helped rig the 2020 Wisconsin presidential vote against their candidate Donald Trump. The vote against Wolfe was 22-11 along party lines. Wolfe has been in the nonpartisan position since appointed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission in 2018.  Responding to the Senate vote to remove her, Wolfe vowed to remain as elections administrator at least through the end of the 2024 election unless a court rules otherwise or the elections commission votes to remove her. She called the Senate vote to remove her  “a reaction to not achieving the political outcome they desire.” Indeed, there is doubt whether the Senate has authority to remove Wolfe. Attorney General Josh Kaul, said there is no such authority. Kaul accused GOP senators of attacking the state’s elections.

Wolfe. Is defying Republican action to remove her. Plans to stay in the nonpartisan role through the 2024 general election.