MADISON, Wis. – For the 12th time the Republican-controlled Legislature has refused a call from Democratic Governor Tony Evers to meet in a special session. This time Evers wanted $1 billion to:

> Continue a child care program dating to the CoVid crisis, $365 million.

> Build as new engineering building at UW-Madison, $300 million.

> Create a paid family leave program, $243 million.

> Offset the Legislature’s earlier cuts to the University of Wisconsin budget, $66 million.

> Fund budgets of the Wisconsin Technical College System, $40 million.

> Set up health-care grants related to the worker shortage, $60 million.

> Address the teacher shortage, $16 million.

Republicans dismissed the governor’s call for the new funding as frills. Evers called Republican intransigence as sign that that the GOP is out of touch with Wisconsin values.