WINONA, Minn. – A Winona man, Ivan Nathaniel Irons, 40, was arrested after police found a handgun at his place – even though he is a felon prohibited from possessing a firearm. The arrest, about 1:40 a.m. in the 800 block of Front Street, followed a bizarre series of events. This, according to police records, is what happened:

> An acquaintance called police that Irons had sent a text message that he had a gun and threatened to shoot the person. He also threatened suicide.

> Officers went to the Front Street address. Irons met them outside. He admitted to sending a text and mentioning a BB gun. He denied any real guns inside the house. He denied being suicidal.

> Officers were allowed inside. In a laundry room they found a loaded magazine clip with 9mm rounds. At that point they were told to leave, that searching was no longer wanted.

> With a search warrant, officers went back and found a black 9mm handgun behind a storage tote near where they earlier found the loaded magazine clip.

> Two children were home. One of them reported being aware of the threats.

> Irons was booked at jail about 4;30 a.m. Next stop: The judge for a parole violation.

Irons. No gun, he said. Then cops found one. Also a loaded magazine clip with 9mm rounds.