ROCHESTER, Minn. – Police released the names of seven persons arrested Wednrdday in a drug raid at the Motel 6 in Rochester.

>Anthony Dominique Lindsey, 31, Rochester. Charges recommended to the county attorney: Violating a domestic abuse no contact order and gross misdemeanor 911 Interference.

> Heather Nicole Nery, 30, Rochester. Recommended: Two counts of fifth-degree controlled Substance.

> Shomari Haneef Carter, 27, Rochester. Ticketed for obstructing the legal process.

> Malik Lincoln Hilton, 25, Rochester. Arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrant

> Kanell Powers, 23, Rochester. Recommended: Fourth-degree and fifth-degree controlled substance.

> Charles Harrison Hadler, 19, Lake City. Recommended: Fifth-deegree controlled Substance.

> Male juvenile, 16, Rochester. Recommended: Fifth-degree controlled substance.

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