WINONA, Minn. – At least two shots, perhaps four, were fired in a volatile street fight about 10:20 p.m. on the Far West End. Police believed that the shots were fired in the air. No one was injured. The primary combatants were a woman at the house and a woman  who drive up in a van load of people, police said. Police recovered a 45-calibre SIG Sauer automatic pistol from a car that sped away. The weapon’s serial number had been ground off, police said. No charges were filed immediately, but police said that charges may be forthcoming after interviewing the six people in the van further, as well as people at a residence in the 900 block of West Wabasha Street where the fight occurred. Police found one shell casing at the scene. The shell was the type used the SIG Sauer that was confiscated. No one admitted to firing the gun. A neighbor later reported a dent in his parked car, apparently, he said, from a ricocheting bullet. Police learned of the fight from a caller who reported gunshots and shouting and a van packed with people speeding away. As best as police could determine immediately, there were eight people in the melee — one 16 years old and the others 18 to 23.