LACROSSE, Wis. –The city Redevelopment Authority approved an engineering proposal for a 64-acre neighborhood project on the floodplain where the LaCrosse River drains into the Mississippi. The project, called River Point, would begin with a massive build-up of fill to raise the site. Sanitary sewers, watermains, storm sewers and roads would come next. The engineering firm Short Elliot Hendrickon of St. Paul said the waterfront development would include 800 residential units, office buildings, shops and restaurants. The main access would be from the Copeland Avenue thoroughfare. Short Elliot Hendrickson  called River Point  a seamless connection between the rivers and downtown.

Aerial view. The development would be off Copeland Avenue, which runs north-south several blocks inland from the Mississippi, which shows dark on your left. Copeland bridges the LaCrosse River.