MAPLE GROVE, Minn. – Maple Grove Police Chief Eric Werner pulled his school-based officers out of their assigned high schools and middle schools because of ambiguities in a new law. The law limits how far officers can go to maintain order. “My decision, Werner said, “is solely what is best for the students and what is best for the officers.” Other police departments are considering similar actions. The new law, passed by the 2023 Legislature, prohibits certain physical restraints even in dangerous situations such as student fights.

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Winona school policing

Until 2020 a police officer was assigned as a school resource officer — “SRO” for snort — at Winona High School. Ro promote a more scbool hospitable atmosphere, the School Board ended its contract with Police Department The last Winona SRO, Josh Squires, wore a uniform on duty as is common practice. With the end of the contract, Squires was reassigned to regular duties. The school now contacts the Police Department for emergencies on a case by case basis.