EYOTA, Min. – Authorities believe they’ve found the thief who stole a popcorn trailer from an Eyota family that carts the trailer  to fairs and events to sell bags of popcorn. Tipped by someone who recognized the trailer, deputies went to an address less than 10 miles from Eyota. There the trailer was — a lock broken on the side door, a bracket broken on the back door, the license plate removed, and the trailer body spray-painted. This was less than 90 minutes after popcorn vendors David and Chris Jorde reported the theft and posted a plea for help online. Nobody was home when deputies found the truck, in the 1900 block of Badger Court Southeast in Marion Township. They knew, however, that Izaak Parker, 48, was renting the place. They put out an alert. Parker was later arrested driving in the 3000 block of Pinewood Ridge Road Southeast in Rochester. He was booked for of possession of stolen property, tampering with a motor vehicle, and damaging property.

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Parker. Stolen popcorn truck in his driveway.