WINONA, Minn. – The broadband and cable company HBC announced a $2.6 million expansion to provide high-speed fiber-optic broadband to 200 rural households. HBC said service should be in place by the end of year. The expansion is for:

> The Arches, an enclave near Farmers Park.

> Big Trout Drive, in the Pickwick area.

> Saratoga, south of St. Charles.

> Spillway Drive, along Highway 61 downriver from Green Terrace trailer court.

> Sylvan Heights, near Crystal Springs.

The project is in partnership with Winona County. The cost per household: $13,000.

Ongoing project

Earlier HBC-County collaborations have given brodband access to East Burns Valley, Cedar Valley, Elba,Pickwick, Ridgeway, Wilson, Witoka, and Whitewater. These projects reached nearly 3,000 rural households.