WINONA, Minn. – A Winona woman was injured gravely when she was hit by a motorist while she was walking across Mankato Avenue. First-responders picked her up unconsconscious where she landed – on the Canadian Pacific mainline railroad tracks. This was just beyond Howard Street. Elizabeth Carol Ressie, 41, was taken to a LaCrosse Level 2 trauma center in critical condition. The impact had flung Ressie over the hood of the vehicle. She dropped ti the pavemetg under the wheels and was dragged onto the tracks. Surveillance video showed that Ressie was hit while in a painted crosswalk, police said. The accident was about 10 p.m. The driver, also from Winona, also 41, was not charged pending further developments and blood tests. Police said the driver smelled of alcohol, but a field breath test showed a low and legally acceptable blood-alcohol level of 0.017%. The driver said, however, that she was taking prescription medication. She also acknowledged having had marijuana, police said. Her blood was drawn to test for drugs. Test rests could take several days, police said.

Ressie. Fighting for her life at Gundersen hospital.