LACROSSE, Wis. – So appreciative of the care received by Rosemary Crisp at the Mayo hospital in LaCrosse, her family has donated $1 million toward expanding the hospital. Crisp died of cancer, but, said the family, it was her long-term physician, internist Paul Mueller, who saw her through it. The gift is from Harry and  Rosemary Crisp of Marion, Illinois. The Crisps own Pepsi MidAmerica, which has been in the family since 1935. The gift will go toward a new 70-bed unit at the hospital.

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Harry Crisp: “My family and I have enjoyed the benefit of excellent health care from Mayo Clinic providers, and in particular my personal experience with Dr. Mueller has been exceptional. When this important project arose under his leadership, it was a natural opportunity to support Mayo Clinic.”

Mueller. Mayo’s southwest Wisconsin vice president.