WASHINGTON – The Wisconsin seat in the U.S. Senate held by Republican Ron Johnson is vulnerable to going Democratic in the 2022 election whether Johnson seeks a third term or not, according to a CNN analysis. Cash is an issue, CNN said, noting that Johnson, though wealthy, has only $500,000 in his campaign war chest. Also, said CNN, Johnson’s unwavering support for President Trump and his odd theories about the January 6 invasion of the Capitol may hurt his viability. In 2020, CNN noted, Joe Biden flipped Wisconsin Democratic, which may signal a long-run blue shift.

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CNN: Senate seats likely to flip

> Pennsylvania. May go Democratic with Republican incumbent Pat Toomey retiring.

> Georgia. May go Republican again with incumbent newcomer Democrat Raphael Warnock untested.

> Wisconsin. May go Democratic with Republican Ron Johnson undecided whether to seek reelection and amid his daffy intepretations of the Capitol insurrection January 6.

> North Carolina. May go Democrat with Republican incumbent Richard Burr retiring.

> Arizona. May go Republican with Democrat incumbent newcomer Mark Kelly untested.