EYOTA, Minn. – This southeast Minnesota town, population 1,900, is preparing to be put on the map of country music big time. Country singer Luke Bryan has scheduled a 20,000-fan event September 24 at the Gar-Lin Dairy Farm outside of town. Bryan’s crew is erecting a temporary infrastructure for the concert and arranging security and other essentials. Townspeople, mostly merchants, are preparing to be swarmed.  The concert is on Bryan’s Farm Tour, with these among stops:

> Fort Wayne, Indiana (September 15): Spangler Farms. Capacity: 2,000. Tickets: $75 to $118.

> Monroeville, Indiana (September 15)): Highland Farms. Capacity: 5,000. Tickets: $79 to $270.

> Mechanicsville, Ohio (September 16): Springfork Farms.  Capacity: 5,000. Tickets: $90 to $288.

> Fowlerville, Michigan (September 17): Kubiak Farm. Tickets: $130 to $178.

> Murdoch, Nebraska (September 22): Stock Hay and Grain Farm. Tickets: $80 to $135.

> Boone, Iowa (September 23): Ziel Farm. Capacity: 2,000. Tickets: $75yo $135.

> Eyota, Minesota (September 24):Gar-Linn Dairy Farm. Capacity: 20,000. Tickets: $102 to $400.

Bryan. Maintains demanding performance schedule. Annual income estimated by Forbes magazine at $42.5 million. Supports human rights and children’s disaster relief and research on AIDS and cancer.

Bryan profile

Bryan, age 40,  began career writing songs for Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. His first 10 albums  included 27 Number One hits. Among them: “Born Here, Live Here, Die Here” in 2020. Has sold 75 million records.