BLOOMINGTON Minn. – A Seattle man was arrested with almost 111,000 illegal and potent fentanyl pills, Police Chief Booker Hodges reported belatedly. The pills would be enough to kill 1 million people, Hodges said at a news conference. The arrest was August 31. Hodges said that Marcus Lamar Trice, 36, was arrested at a Bloomyngton hotel after an electronic credit card transaction recognized fraud, the chief said. Thrice left the hotel’s front desk but was apprehended in a hotel room. In his belongings in the hotel room were 108,943 M-30 pills laced with fentanyl, Hodges said. All together they weighed 10 pounds. Hodges said the bust was one of the largest, if not the largest, in the upper Midwest. The case has been turned over to federal authorities. Trice has been indicted on a count of possessing fentanyl with intent to distribute.

Trice. Arrested at Bloomington hotel.

What 10 pounds of fentanyl; looks like. Police Chief Booker Hodges shows the pills seized in traveler’s hotel arrest.