HOUSTON, Minn. – Mike and Kelly Beckman couldn’t resist. The 1966 Mustang convertible needed work, but it sure would fun once fixed up. They bought the machine in May 2019, laid new carpet and replaced the window rollers, then racked up miles any sunny day they could. This Christmas Mike took the classic yellow Mustang out of winter mothballs to wheel through the Houston Holidazzle parade. With yellow masking tape, he attached five strings of lights and mounted a wreath on the car, which, Ford, not foreseeing any irony, had called “spring time yellow.” It was a perfect December night for the parade – a clear sky and lower 20s. Mike and his bride drove to town to join the parade line-up. Then the lights shorted. The car went black. Merry Christmas, Mike. Merry Christmas, Kelly. So what next Mustang adventure awaits the Beckmans?  Well, there’s the next Holidazzle parade 11 months off — and they hope for another ideal albeit parka-appropriate evening for the top down and all lighted-up  to cruise through the streets of Houston.

Mike and Kelly. They had the holiday spirit. Their Mustang, well, not so much.